thousand year old distress signal

he was twenty year
old boy, who lived with girl in
small Mars colony.

she completed him,
once. Lost, High, alone, broadcast
from Mars Shuttle Five

Lighting cigarettes
as the last hover sailboat
made port and anchored.

sense of adventure
defeats standard high jinks of
counting revolutions.

what takes overboard?
watching the Suns rise and set
create and destroy.

passion sustains them
mid rage and then comity.
she sees right through him.

or, more precisely
the view from the Solitude
of her escape ship.

grasp this concept now:
wife gone, no why or how. he'd
go if she'd allow.

struggle to see what's
simple to me, don't you know?
"i can't let you go."

d u a l i t y killed
the man. "forget about her."
no one understands.

hints where she went?
declared, "See You Space Cowboy...
Spike for President."

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