Middle of the night,
On a borrowed laptop:
Wish I were inspired

excuse me

“Time passes quickly.”
Excuse me, what was that said?
I’m busy, or so it seems…


(no subject)

Twenty minutes now
Four trains pass the other way
Damn, I hate the T



"the monkey ate the
leopard"-- grammatically
sound, but far from true.


the cold water on
my face makes me feel alive,


every time i take
a drag of a cigarette
i wish it was the


a (potentially fictitious) delineation of self

i think i might have
cried tonight, but it's been so
long that i forget

what it is like to
feel. like, actually feel.
i fucked (most of) it

up and i regret
it every single day but
there's nothing i can

do now, because soon
she'll be gone and may or may
not forget about

me. i hope it's the 
latter of the two, so some
day i can see her

again. she said there's
something about me that she 
can't get over or

let go.


realization at 4:54am

it's crazy when you
realize which of your friends
are your real friends and

from that list, begin
to anticipate which of
your real friends are here

to stay. tonight i
discovered that someone i
thought wasn't a real

friend actually
turned out to be someone that
i confide in. and 

trust. sometimes we judge
people entirely wrong, but
in the end, it's the

people who stick by
your side, no matter what, that
truly, honestly



ciertas cosas oscuras / certain shadowed things

you reside inside
me, amid whirling currents--
a deep placid lake



the people that come

into my work and ask for
"which coffee tastes

like cappuccino?"
should be kept on a tight leash,
or killed. brutally. 


you possess the words,

and fingers to count with. write
haiku and submit.

lame shit

i like my friends to

balance: some snarky cynics,
some who love the world.

"i don't want shoes that are played out, so..."


boys are blessed by what we call

do not grow a full beard

it reminds me of

kissing my father good-bye:
lips prickled by a

whiskered cheek, or on
best days, the razor buzzing
before morning bath.


party favors

I thought I did well
Light, but maybe romantic.
You left with another


i haven't seen the
sunlight in weeks and the sad
thing is i don't care

amongst the vaguness that is

i think those of us who are involved in the five/seven/five project are at least semi-pleased with the outcome thus far; however, it's not enough.
if you come across this website (by whatever means), don't be intimidated.
there's very some good poetry on this page and also some not-so-good poetry.
it doesn't matter.
what truly matters is that everyone writes.
if you attened kent state university, keep your eye out for flyers because they'll be out soon.
get the word out & submit.



a circle ends where it began

a muddled mother--
baby-weighted, resentful--
attempts to escape;

in sun-lit focus
the fog rises above the
sidewalk. connected,

no doubt, to all things
she wanders-- accepting her
smallness in the vast

greatness, content to
be a body, to be feet
firmly trampling grass.

about love, in a roundabout way

it wasn't broken,
literally, only bruised.
either way, she lost.


sunday smile

i feel that someone
wants to tell me something but
they are too nervous.

basic truths

you and i have the
worst timing out of all the
people i have met.


i criticize the
things closest to me in case
they should not be there.



under new names we
will act as though we will not
care if it happens


freedom to choose

it could be argued

that the most important things
in life are free but

that's a lie, because
actually, there's only 
one thing and it's you.