i put cinnamon
in my pasta sauce today.
surprisingly good.


as i emerge, she
retreats. roommates can be a
strange phenomena.

roll the stone

every time i try
to sneak outside for a smoke
my cats look at me.


today i found out
that we have a "sister site"
same name, but dot com.



i moved across the
sea for you and now i can't
promise anything


It doesn't make sense
The phrase uttered 'round the world


Invocation against Interlopers

Lord, keep your rumored
all-knowing eyes from seeking
out the dark secrets of

my damp and shadowed
sheets. I'm not your child, only
a private woman

loving a quiet
man, thrilling in vice, and my
earnings remain mine.

You who --so I heard--
breathed my name at conception,
wrote my life in your

Book of Life, told my
sordid tale in black and white--
just leave me alone.


now it's in your head too

never gonna give
you up, never gonna make
you cry or hurt you.

apes had it all wrong

i now open my
bananas with a pocket
knife. no more string stuff.

cage fighting is good for the brain

i asked him to give
me seventeen syllables
he looked and said "huh?"


i saw a picture
today of someone whose head
had been cut straight off.



it rained yesterday
it might rain today. the plants
don't want any more.

tweet with us



the kids on the wall
shoegazing, fiddling with
what's important:


these are the things we
place above our heads until
the sun shines again.


i'd like to be there

there where the ghosts dwell,
under the stars, beneath the
trees, alive, waiting.


candlelight isn't
ever enough to see where
to cut the bodies.


listening to rain
drops fall down further from where
they began, upwards.



drops seep from sore eyes,
summer pollens rough grazes
warm wash bathes them new


Except for the eight-legged horse

the ancient Norse Gods
never died. They knock on doors
mid-week, hammer in

rainstorms, burst into
crowsong at shiny things or
when a person dies.


it used to be important

i struggled to reach
you, but the silence piled on
itself-- heavy, and cold.



one day people will
realize that i'm not just
a pawn in this game.


dreamt it

if we all slept at the same
time, no one would know.

the big bang

we all wonder how
everything began but not
how it all will end


bigger than that

after all of the
debris lifted, what we saw
was the beginning.

dead serious

depending on what
happens tomorrow i might
end up in the ground.

phone calls at three a.m.

solipsism will
only last as long as our
minds allow it to.