untitled (2)

You and your blue eyes,
hiding away all your lies;
now I know better.


untitled (1)

summer is over
so now the days just drag on,
on and on and on...


thousand year old distress signal

he was twenty year
old boy, who lived with girl in
small Mars colony.

she completed him,
once. Lost, High, alone, broadcast
from Mars Shuttle Five

Lighting cigarettes
as the last hover sailboat
made port and anchored.

sense of adventure
defeats standard high jinks of
counting revolutions.

what takes overboard?
watching the Suns rise and set
create and destroy.

passion sustains them
mid rage and then comity.
she sees right through him.

or, more precisely
the view from the Solitude
of her escape ship.

grasp this concept now:
wife gone, no why or how. he'd
go if she'd allow.

struggle to see what's
simple to me, don't you know?
"i can't let you go."

d u a l i t y killed
the man. "forget about her."
no one understands.

hints where she went?
declared, "See You Space Cowboy...
Spike for President."


before the rain comes

i tend to lie when
i say i'm okay, so you
should know cloudy days

are the worst, not because
of the grey, but because they
used to be yours, love.


i'm sure of it

people lie 'cause no
one could ever love them for
who they truly are


dripping juice

broken fruit for you
waiter in the summer sky
eat, drink, be merry


i tried to count to
pi, but before i was done
the world had ended


they expect me to
save lives, but i can't even
take care of myself

I Heard There Was A Secret Chord

a wise man once said
"all songs are sad songs, if you
know how to listen"


i feel as if i'm
drowning, yet dying of thirst
at the same time, and

i'm claustrophobic
in my own skin, and if i
could just escape

for a minute or
two, maybe everything
would feel good again.


suspend your disbelief for a moment

you can doubt it, but
i'm not seeking physical
intimacy-- not

really. i just want
to be anchored to someone
outside of myself.

butterflies, revisited

i decided that
you weren't worth my time, until
i saw you again.



the soft words are now
unfurling below my breasts
and i'll sing them out


each conversation
with you is equal parts hot
pain and cool pleasure.


i saw you lurking
in my tree, i said come back
you are not that far

gone, but sullen bird,
you're blinking a pale eye and
holding the branch close


in the future we
will worry less about what
we can't know, can't change.

we'll just fly away
in hover cars and play, loud
on hover guitars.



"my whole life has been
a lie" is the first truth that
i have ever told


i refuse to shorten your name

i try to be less
awkward, but you inspire a
loss of self-control


You don't scare me

I dreamed of your lips
just now. I wonder will they
touch mine this weekend