vertebrates sink into sinks
think things will be good


when no one calls you,
you feel like you are alone;
you call to no one


with cuts on my legs

as we grow older,
developing our ways,
our hearts become stale



my window is propped
open with a beer bottle,
inviting the birds

to come in and chirp,
but not too loud because my
ears hurt from last night.


in the yard at midnight

next door, the rowdy
drunks shout through the fence that we
are the bad neighbors


a pair of fishnet
stockings, leather, and a man
who wants to be spanked


watching the rain
falling onto the pavement
it dies forever

it evaporates
into nothing, forgotten.
and so too, am i

Daily Disappointment

I thought I'd just stand.
And stay and stare forever-
Then rinsed out shampoo.


Japan, September 2004

Bluegreen patina
Buddha in Kamakura,
empty shell, like Zen.

King of Chess

A wise man once said,
"Life is bad for you, that’s why
you die at the end."

Sad & Beautiful Mystery

Agony, and joy–
every bit of it will fit
in the human heart.

Permanent Impermanence

Flesh, bone, planets, suns–
everything survives until
it no longer can.


Any snowflake can
snap limbs of a mighty oak–
but not by itself.


Technology? It
turns sand into glass and turns
people to shadows.

Wanton, Dizzying Litter of War

Bravest warriors
write ten thousand epic tales,
only one death poem.

Brutal Moon

Brutal moon,
drags tides across jagged shores,
splinters shells, sanddollars.


a day in the park

i bought a plane and
it broke right away so i
fixed it and we flew.

my feet are in a trash can right now

Bring home the bacon
Working destroys my body
Rejuvenate me



up high in a tree
birds stand at attention
while smog fills their lungs

A Perfect World

if a bomb went off
i would never have to work
or do the laundry

i could sleep all day
and pretend to be alive
just like i am now


What I did this Summer

staying in my room
imagining everything.
i need a woman


was it worth it kid?
look where you've gotten yourself:
no friends in this town

cleveland express

a bus crush: nothing
more than shared smiles and money
exchanged, hand to hand.

R>S>P>R>S>P etc.

Scissors cut paper.
Paper covers rock, fully.
War’s a silly game.

cookies & tartar sauce

in my room we think
about life and music and
we argue and laugh