it's nice to ride my
bike in the park and not see
any trash or bums.

how stuff should work, part I

here, i can return
my bottles and get money
back. what a concept.

this is life

in germany, things
function like they should. i'm scared
of going back home.



ants crawl down my neck
with dagger legs piercing the
muscles that atrophy


ouch, my wrist!

took ink from your veins
I wrote and wrote endlessly
never plagiarize!


entre la sombra y el alma / between the shadow and the soul

under the guise of
a chaste love we each burned like
embers in a pit


gambling IS better odds

"My life's savings," he
said to the croupier. The
marble circled 'round

the track, falling in
the comfortable slot: sixteen.
Red. The man yelped

ecstatically, and
tossed money freely into
the air. He knew that

money won was worth
far more than money earned. "Red;


if fantasy were reality - part 2 - what really happened

My therapist I
kissed - on the hand... it was warm
and comforting. I

may be gutless, but
not too sorry - he had to
"be mad" but I don't

think he hated it
either. I stroked his cheek, told
him I love him. Oops.



generally, we
write these in response to what
happened yesterday.

i'm just saying

dude, matchmaking is
hungry business! but then, so
is really good sex.

it was like gambling, but with better odds

usually, she
is sarcastic, brassy—a
girl all mouth and legs

but in that vinyl
booth, full of chipotle and
nerves, she was bashful

and avoided his
eyes like he avoided hers
while justin typed crap.


Haiku Haiku

This line should be five.
This one needs to be seven;
this one's five, again.

poetry should give you a bloody nose

she claimed to bring the
excitement, crawling all over
the dirty carpet,

and everyone itched
to clutch her face and wax those
horrible eyebrows.